Event for any college are multiple in tens every academic year. Arranging for event sets, calling upon for awesome MC’s though can be scraped up by pooling all the brainy resources of class, there always remains a gap in organizing and actual act. Problems might be small but might create a large void in the event. Messing up the program lists due to a guest who doesn’t arrive in time, stationeries or personalized mementos don’t get customized on time, the food menu getting altered, miscalculating traffic time for guest pick-up, boring MC – Any of it can hamper your program and your efforts go for a toss even if the core of the plan is executed as scheduled.

Voila! Here we pop in!

Forget being called “Cellfishs” just because you are a student event organizer and you need to coordinate everything for the event, be constantly on phone to ensure the order of events and in turn miss out on the actual gist of the whole event. We ensure the event takes place according to the planned schedule.

No more going “Hibereventing”(going unavailable for friends, family and studies for the sake of event organizing). We are just a mail/call away. We are here to share all your responsibilities. You tell us the list and we make you a fine-tuned program.

Awake “Speecholepsics” (Persons who tend to fall asleep as the seminars proceed) with the intermittent humor filled MC-talks that is part of our Edu event management.

We, at Together Edu Tourism Pvt Ltd (TETPL) have stepped up for organizing all likely types of Edu Events.

  • Fresher’s Party
  • College Elections
  • Special Events
  • Theme Shows
  • Cultural Shows
  • Symposiums
  • Festive Events
  • Sports Event
  • Annual Day Event
  • Motivational Speeches
  • Technical Paper Presentations
  • Pre Placement talks
  • Farewell Party

We ensure the best-in-class costing and impeccable execution of Edu Events.

Plan Your Edu Event in 5 Easy Steps:

  • Identify who you are and share your Institute details.
  • Add your required venue, time & duration of event.
  • Mention the purpose of Edu Event and enlist the Speakers/Orators needed.
  • Add additional items, like Catering or Technical Services.
  • Submit your request.
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